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What is baby reflex™4 babies & 4 toddlers?

baby reflex™ 4 babies & 4 toddlers are specially adapted reflexology routines, to use on babies from four weeks onwards, and toddlers from approximately 10 months onwards - depending on when baby starts to stand.

baby reflex™ is practised on babies feet, while toddler reflex™ follows on from this and can also be practised on hands, incorporating nursery rhymes, to keep your toddler interested!

Workshops are available for parents to learn the routines to use at home. If you would like your baby or toddler to have reflexology treatments but don't wish to learn baby/toddler reflex™ yourself, please contact Donna who will be happy to arrange an appointment.

What are the benefits?

baby/toddler reflex™ is

  • Natural a non-invasive therapy that aims to promote good health
  • Nurturing encouraging the natural parent/child bond, calming & supporting
  • Portable can be done anywhere, with no need to remove clothing or use oils or creams.

  • It may help :-

  • digestive discomfort eg.colic, wind, constipation, reflux
  • ease teething pain
  • reduce ear, nose & sinus congestion
  • improve sleep patterns
  • to generally calm & relax

  • Workshops & Cost

    baby & toddler reflex™ workshops consist of 3 x 1 hour sessions, over a three week period. Each session is themed and designed to make the routine easy to learn.

    The cost of workshops includes an information pack and all charts

    Please call or e-mail to register your interest for future course dates.

    Workshops take place in small groups, either at the home of one of the group or at an alternative location, if required - eg. baby/toddler group, post-natal group. Group workshops are also arranged in local community settings, so why not join & meet new people! (Discounts available, please enquire).

    For individual families, carried out at home, to enable one or both parents to learn baby or toddler reflex™ at a time to fit in with family routine and adapted to suit your specific needs.

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    available for that special gift for parent & baby

    Baby Reflex. baby reflex

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